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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important that I choose the translator? Why can’t you assign one for me?

It is important for you, as a customer, to have control over your projects and to ensure consistent quality in your translations. Each translator may have a different skill set and domain knowledge of a project, so if you require translations for a specific field of work, it would be in your best interest to choose a translator that will best meet your needs. Also, if you require various translations over a period of time, you may want to work with a specific translator to ensure the quality of your work. This is why it’s important to work with the same person who has the right domain knowledge for the type of translation you require.

What happens if the delay request is not accepted? What happens if I (client) delay a project?

With document translation projects, a translator may send you a delay request in case of a delay. If you do not accept the delay request, we will assign the project to a new translator to make sure that it is completed on time.

For an on-site interpretation, a customer can ask for a delay of the project. If the interpreter is not available at the date of the delay, you’ll have an option to assign a new interpreter to your project as a customer.

What happens if the translator doesn’t deliver?

We have a strict rule for on-time completion of projects that have been accepted by translators, or to inform the clients of any problems that may interfere with the completion of the project ahead of time. So in case of a problem, the translator will reach out to you by sending a delay request and inform you of the issue. But in case of an unexpected problem where a delay request is not accepted by the client, we reach out to the next available translator to help finish your project. No matter what happens, you can trust us to deliver!

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