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Embed Cuz Translation

How to embed the Cuz widget into your website

1 - Visit and select from the four different embed options, including:

  • Button: This is the smallest widget option. It is best displayed on navigation bars and drop-down menus. See demo page.
  • Badge: Recommended size for a call-to-action link on your website. See demo page.
  • Banner: Select this option to receive more attention from your visitors. See demo page.
  • Section: A larger section of your website can be used to attract more visitors. See demo page.

2 - Click "GET EMBED CODE" to select an option.

3 - Next, log in to your existing account or create an account. Then, navigate to Profile / Settings / Embed Cuz Translation.

4 - Locate the option tabs and select your preferred embed option.

5 - Select one of the three themes for your website.

6 - Click the "GENERATE CODE" button.

7 - Once a code has been generated, click the "COPY CODE" button.

8 - Send this code to the appropriate developer of your website to complete the embedding process.

9 - After the code has been developed, the Cuz widget will be embedded into your website to allow visitors easy access to Cuz translation services.