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5 Must-Have Tools For Immigration Lawyers

Jan 10, 2020
Cuneyt Zumrutpinar

Implementation of technology is the solution to quickly and efficiently overcome issues related to time management.

5 Must-Have Tools For Immigration Lawyers

Time is the most valuable commodity, especially for lawyers. Time management for lawyers is one of the most challenging tasks in the busy law practice – particularly for immigration lawyers whose clients are less patient due to their urgent matters.

Implementation of technology is the solution to quickly and efficiently overcome issues related to time management. Not only does the use of technology increase efficiency and provide accurate time management skills within the law practice, but it also provides satisfaction and peace of mind to both the lawyer and their clients.

Below are 5 management systems that will allow lawyers to provide fast and efficient services, and overcome the issues related to time management.


INS Zoom

Clio and similar management products are very popular amongst lawyers. Such management tools allow lawyers to use their time more efficiently and increase billable hours.

INS Zoom is a hidden gem amongst these tools and is specially designed for immigration lawyers. INS Zoom offers an end-to-end solution to help you manage the immigration process through every step of immigration case management so that you never miss a deadline and are always compliant. When immigration case management is automated, you can handle more cases in less time and with even greater accuracy. That means growth for your firm and a dedicated provider who can grow with you, whether you’re a solo practitioner or one of the country’s largest firms.

Platforms: Web App
Pricing: Free Demo, Monthly Subscription


Cuz Translation

This brand-new, hassle-free, human-translation service app has been developed to ease the process of obtaining and providing translation services without compromising quality. If you are tired of spending time on the logistics of finding translators for specific hard-to-find languages or good translators who will accept LAO rates, then Cuz Translation is definitely for you. Cuz Translation provides services through a unique app which is available to download on a computer or mobile phone. You can upload your documents, select the due date, choose the type of translation required, all while instantly seeing the price. Finally, you choose a translator according to their experience and background information.

Through the exceptional encrypted security system, your documents are kept hidden and automatically deleted after the translated product is sent back to you. LAO invoices signed confidentiality agreements are available upon request. It is the safest and most affordable way of getting translation and interpretation services.

If you work in the Greater Toronto Area, they also provide interpretation services or video-integrated interpretation services that are available worldwide. The best part is that it’s free and you only pay for your end-product.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Pricing: Free Instant Quote, Job-Based Payment


Destin is an artificial intelligence integrated platform and bot solution for services related to immigration. Its purpose is to create a pleasant experience for everyone on their new journey to Canada. Destin helps users assess their eligibility for various types of visas, free of charge. It further eases the administrative workload and client acquisition for immigration lawyers, and more.

They launched their bot recently, you can check your eligibility for free: Their platform will soon be live and help both immigration lawyers and applicants.

Platforms: Web App
Pricing: Monthly Subscription



Accept, manage, and integrate payments with LawPay. Your clients will now be able to pay you directly using their credit cards.

LawPay’s easy-to-use online payment technology was developed just for lawyers. It is an online payment technology and has helped law firms get paid easier, more securely, and 39% faster. More importantly, LawPay guarantees your firm to accept payments.

With LawPay, you can attach a secure payment link to your email, website, or invoices so that clients can pay you at their convenience from their computer, cell phone, or tablet. You can even personalize your payment pages with your law firm’s information and logo to give clients a familiar, secure payment experience.

Platforms: Web App
Pricing: Free Demo, Monthly / Yearly Subscription


Kahuna Accounting

Managing financials is more important than ever – when the business grows, and you have less and less time to do it on your own.

Kahuna Accounting provides you with the top of the line virtual accounting team. In addition to time-tracking and billing, bookkeeping and accounting must always be managed appropriately. Kahuna is a reliable accounting system built specifically for the growth-minded lawprenuers.

Your months are reconciled, and accounts are available for any upcoming audits and tax seasons – worry free.

If you don’t have a bookkeeper, we suggest using Kahuna Accounting, a sterling quality virtual bookkeeping and accounting service that helps solo and small firm lawyers keep their finances perfectly organized without lifting a finger.

We strongly advise the use of these helpful tools and software whether you’re managing a large firm or merely trying to build one from scratch – life will be much simpler.

Platforms: Web App
Pricing: Monthly / Yearly Subscription

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