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Cuz Mobile App 2.0: Resurrection

Oct 20, 2021
Reyhan Balikci
Ideally Medium

Good news! We took your positive and valuable feedback on the simplicity and usability of the web app and used that as groundwork to completely reconstruct the Cuz mobile app. The all-new Cuz mobile app is now available on all compatible Android and iOS devices, and it includes everything you like about the web app and more!

Cuz Mobile App 2.0: Resurrection

At Cuz, we’ve always been advocates of utilizing technology to make the user experience as accessible and straightforward as possible without compromising quality or inflating costs. We work with over 6,000 certified and professional translators and interpreters fluent in 107 languages, so quality work is kind of our forte - and the best part is that we do it all through our web or mobile app. Toot toot!

Sending emails back and forth, calling, leaving or receiving numerous voicemails just didn’t seem like the most practical way to connect with humans in 2018, so we scrapped all of that with the first version of the mobile and web app. Instead, we developed an online platform for customers to create and send projects to translators without the need for a middleman to oversee the whole process! 

Since then, we’ve revamped the web app to make it more functional with a more straightforward user interface. Our users loved the newer look, so we completely updated the mobile app as well. Customers can now use the web or mobile app to upload and send their translation documents to a translator or create an interpretation appointment. We’ve resurrected the old mobile app to bring our customers and translators under one, all-new multifunctional Cuz Mobile App 2.0!

How does it work?


  1. Send project request
  2. View all projects (e.g. Drafts, Completed, In Progress)
  3. View and edit projects (e.g. Change due date, cancel, add a document, view progress of active projects)
  4. View and edit Profile (e.g. Edit name, phone number, email address, or add new payment method)
  5. Receive project-based push notifications


  1. Respond (accept/decline) to project requests
  2. View and edit current projects (e.g. Update progress, upload translated documents, send a reschedule request)
  3. View and edit profile (e.g. Edit name, phone number, email address, location, bio, payment information)
  4. Receive project-based push notifications

Customers and translators who wish to take advantage of the new features and more straightforward design are encouraged to download the app and create a project!

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