Montreal; Nous sommes là pour vous servir!
Reyhan Balikci
November 7, 2019

Montreal; Nous sommes là pour vous servir!

Good news everyone!

We have extended our offices once again - this time to Montreal! Although we aim to establish and operate offices all around, for now, we thought it would be best to advance our services to the heart of French-speaking Canada.The Official Languages Act which was adopted approximately 50 years ago in Canada led to the creation of official bilingualism. This act opened up the door to the extensive translation market to meet the enormous demand for translation in the two official languages, alongside other languages.

Montreal, being the culturally vibrant city that it is, is also the second-most populous city in Canada.

It’s dynamic and diverse population attracts people of all languages, and the translation market in Quebec is growing exponentially to meet their needs, which is why we thought it would be appropriate to continue our offices there.Just like the population of Montreal, our consumers are also growing - and fast! Therefore, we needed to develop a bigger and stronger team of developers to meet and surpass the needs of individuals in the area. Although our services are easily available online, having an office in the neighbourhood makes it all the more personal!

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