National Citizenship and Immigration Conference Sponsorship

Jan 10, 2020
Reyhan Balikci
Short & Sweet

As Cuz Translation, we are honoured to be a sponsor of the National Citizenship and Immigration Conference organized by CAPIC!

National Citizenship and Immigration Conference Sponsorship

This year’s turnout was fantastic, and the speakers were brilliantly informative. The event began with a copious breakfast, followed by a pleasant conversation among guests. We were able to interact with guests during breaks and meals, and also got to know other sponsors through the course of the seminars. Together, we concluded just how much Cuz will simplify the services they provide for their clients. We interacted with many consultants, brokers, translators, interpreters, and business planners, who were all very intrigued and amazed at the idea of easy translation services that can be structured to meet individual needs.

Many of the guests were happy to hear we provided the option to select a deadline and showed instant pricing. Many dwelled on personal experience of how difficult and time-consuming it is to have to go back and forth through email or phone calls with translation companies in order to find a translator on time and one that fits their price range. They were also very impressed with the extensive language services we provide and expressed their admiration for our creative design.

In the end, we made many friends, established strong connections, and drew a lot of attention - we were also fed like kings! We are now 90 pounds heavier and 163 new users richer!

Cuz Translation booth
CAPIC booth
A panaromic view of the event

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