Nirvana of Start-Ups: Collision 2019
Reyhan Balikci
July 5, 2019

Nirvana of Start-Ups: Collision 2019

-Redefining the global tech industry

Collision is North America’s fastest growing tech conference. This massive congregation was held in Toronto, the first Canadian city to host this conference, for the first time since its creation five years ago. When the event founder and CEO, Paddy Cosgrave, announced that this year’s Collision conference would be held in Toronto as it “stands for diversity and inclusion,” there was an immediate and loud rumbling from the vicinity. "Canada and Toronto have lived to some extent in the technology shadow of America... but that's changing, and changing fast," Cosgrave added. The successful event proved once again that Toronto has a very vibrant and prosperous understanding of well-established and developing technological scene which has drawn attention across North America.

According to the recent statistics highlighted by the government of Ontario, Toronto has instituted more tech jobs than Seattle, the Bay Area, and Washington D.C. combined. You can only imagine how excited we were to be a part of such a gathering. During the 3-day conference, an estimated 25,000 people visited the Enercare Center where Hollywood actors Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who are not only known for their talent but also their keen eye for promising investment opportunities, led discussions and helped draw attention to what Canada has to offer in terms of technological findings and advancements.

In its core, Collision aims to unite buyers and sellers of technology by bringing together many of the world’s most advanced and disruptive tech companies. Investors are always looking for the next big thing, and we were there to take our spot.

The key word, disruptive is a critical way to describe the Collision conference, as it truly sets itself apart from other similar events by presenting the unconventional, divergent and trailblazer tech companies. This had been the motto of CUZ since day one. If we weren’t going to break the wheel (shameless GOT line here) of slow turnaround time for low quality work on top of being charged through the nose so that middlemen can be paid, why go on in the first place? The fact that CUZ was the only company at Collision in the translation/interpretation sector not only gave us a tremendous confidence boost, but also confirmed our thinking that this is a sector whose time for disruption has come.

We met with many other influencing disruptors and have broadened our horizons tremendously. Furthermore, the attention we received from representatives of a wide-array of sectors confirmed to us that we are on the right track to global success.

All serious business aside, it was simply a fantastic experience to be among a group of people that share a similar passion for disruptive technology as us. We are already getting ready to participate as a partner in next year’s event. Collision 2020, here we come!

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