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Translate Your Documents Simultaneously in Multiple Languages - All Under One Project!

Jul 24, 2020
Reyhan Balikci
Ideally Medium

Instead of creating multiple projects to translate the same document(s) in numerous languages, this major update will allow users to choose more than one target language for their translation projects. Keep reading to learn more!

Translate Your Documents Simultaneously in Multiple Languages - All Under One Project!

How will the multi-language selection benefit me?

Imagine you are a school employee and need to publish an informational brochure about COVID-19 in 5 different languages.

  • Instead of going through the project creation step 5 times, you can now do it once and choose all 5 target languages.
  • You will still have the option to choose your own translator for each language.
  • You will save time and avoid unnecessary delays.
  • You will ensure all translated documents are efficiently organized under one project for easy payment options, and convenient access.

How to create a project with multiple target languages:

  1. Begin by creating a new project, and upload your document(s).
  2. Next, select the target languages that you require.
  3. Choose the turnaround time and which type of certification (if any) you require.
  4. Select a translator for each target language.
  5. Once you select a translator for each language, you will see the quote for each language translation, as well as the total project cost. To complete the project request, you must enter your card details.
  6. Your card will be charged per language, each time a translator accepts the project offer, and will continue to be charged with each subsequent language.
See how to create a project with multiple target languages

How to manage a project with multiple target languages:

  • Users can easily check the progress of each translated document, as they all fall under the same project section.
  • To make it more organized and easily accessible, we’ve developed sub-sections for each target language, all under one project. This was, you will receive all translated documents in one place.
  • Users have the option to download the translated documents individually or all at once.
  • If you require a type of certification (must be chosen when creating a project), you will receive all certificates in one place.
Document Manager
Project Status Section

PS. For those frustrated with inconvenient interpretation appointments, we have an exciting surprise coming your way!

  • Access professional interpreters in a matter of minutes- whenever & wherever
  • Say adios to time-consuming processes of booking an interpreter because we bring convenience to your fingertips

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