About Cuz Translation

The origins of our journey!

A Journey to the Future

After working as a professional interpreter, I began to notice the issues and ongoing problems in the translation industry. These issues, however, seemed to be problematic only for the clients or the employees of the agencies, and not necessarily the companies themselves. I observed and concluded that companies collect extremely high fees from customers while paying very little to the translators, and most of those payments were delayed by months. The majority of the professionals in the translation industry donโ€™t get what they really deserve and when companies are confronted with the reality, their excuse is most often the same: overhead expenses.

My team and I explored ways to overcome these issues and figure out ways to give credit where their actually due. After countless sleepless nights and over two years of meticulous planning, we created a technological solution to remove the third party between customers and translators, which is ultimately the leading cause of the overhead expenses for translation agencies. With this technology, we reinvented the approach to translation.

Although the diversity of languages may act as a barrier to effortless communication, it is also what makes us able to overcome this barrier. In better words, the solution lies within the problem.

Technology Drives Us

The majority of our daily work is done on computers and mobile phones. We've digitized everything from ordering food to banking. With the correct use of technology, companies are able to provide better and faster services to its consumers. So we thought, ย why not use the ease of technology and integrate it into the translation industry?

With this innovative technology, price quotations are now done in seconds and users can easily follow the progress of their translations. We also provide end to end encryption giving users a peace of mind with more security. By eliminating the overhead expenses, we made affordable prices possible. With our convenient and intelligent technology, as well as the Cuz Translation team behind you, the process is fast and convenient.

Pay Less for More

Our technology does the match-making, coordinating, and administrating.
This allows us to work more efficiently than our competitors so, you pay less when you work with us.

Privacy & Security

Taken care of!
You deal directly with your translator who is bound by a confidentiality agreement, a copy of which you receive. No middle-man sees your documents. And our end-to-end encryption takes care of the rest. ย 

Convenient translation services. How?

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