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Get your business document, diploma, driver's licence, resume, birth, marriage or police certificate translated within 1-3 business days.

Cuz Translation delivers regular, certified, notarized and ATIO translations in 103 languages, 7 days a week. Our office in Toronto is open for walk-ins, or you can also easily order online on our website.

The Secret of Quality

Paying more to get better service is the ancient way of consumers. We are disrupting this understanding by using technology to increase transparency in the overhead costs of your translation -this lets you pay less and get better services. Our technology not only helps us minimize the overhead costs, it allows us to pay more to our translators and create the best team. 

Swift Service

Traditionally, when you need translation services you would contact a company by phone and email them the document. They will then send you the quote. After confirming the quote, they find a suitable translator. The translator completes the job and the project manager does the follow up. It takes days and involves numerous parties. Now;you can simply create the job on the app, see the instant quote and send it to the translator of your choice. Done. We're ready any day of the week, any time of the day.

Privacy Through Technology

With Cuz Translation, you no longer need to send your confidential files to numerous individuals to get your translation assignment completed. Your confidential files will never be transferred and accessed by third parties. Cuz provides end to end encryption with the uploaded documents. Translators sign a confidentiality agreement prior to accepting the job and a copy is emailed to you for your records. Upon completion of the job, translators are reminded about the provisions of the confidentiality agreement and completely erase all relevant data.


High-Volume, Urgent Jobs? Solution: APDS

Cuz introduces the Automatic Project Distribution System (APDS).
High volumes and urgent jobs are automatically distributed amongst translators. Simply upload the documents and receive your finalized documents on time with our unique system.

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