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Cuz Translation for Lawyers

Quick, Confidential Translation in 107+ Languages

The Cuz Translation system takes the lead as the most reliable translation service provider in North America. Whether you require confidentiality of documents, easy access and management of projects, or quick turnaround times, Cuz Translation has it all.

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Cuz Translation for Lawyers

Legal Document Expertise

On-demand document translation is our specialty. Our certified translators are ready to help you translate documents such as:

  • Patent Applications
  • Merger and Acquisition agreements
  • Terms of Use
  • Software License
  • Immigration Documents
  • Identifying Documents
  • Annual Reports

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Legal Document Expertise
Cuz translation provides certified legal translation
Expert Translators

Expert Translators

Accurate translation is crucial in the legal field. Cuz Translation’s certified translators are experienced with delivering the level of service you need for your clients. Our certified translators are available to help in French, Spanish, Arabic, and more.

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Legal Aid Made Easy

Working with Legal Aid has never been more convenient. We have translators available to work at legal aid rates in over 107 languages, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding someone on your own.

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Working with Legal Aid Ontario
professional interpreters are ready to help your client

Interpretation for Lawyers

Our friendly, professional interpreters are ready to help you, right when you need them. Cuz Translation’s system makes it easy to schedule and keep track of your interpretation appointments. Our interpreters are available in-person or online, and are guaranteed to show up.

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Prices may change depending on the rarity of the language, required certificates, turnaround time, etc. Please use our system to get the exact pricing for your project.

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