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Through the implementation of technology, we've reduced overhead costs, meaning that quality is no longer contingent on prices. We keep our prices low, but our quality sky high!

Interpretation Projects

On-site Project

For on-site interpretation projects, we charge an hourly rate. If the appointment location exceeds 25 kilometres (might vary) from the interpreter's address,  additional payment will be made to the interpreter.

The price for on-site interpretation appointments as of May 21st, 2020:

Hourly Rate
Minimum Duration
2 Hours

Note: If the appointment location is farther than 25 km to the interpreter's address, a fee of $0.49/km will be added.

Video Call Project

Payouts and payments are calculated based on the number of minutes, and we don't charge a setup fee.

The price for video interpretation for Canada as of May 21st, 2020:

Hourly Rate
Minimum Duration
30 Minutes

Discount: Hourly rate is $0.85 after the first 1 hour.

Translation Projects

Price per Word

The range of the word count affects the price of your translation project. For example, the customer won't be paying the same per word rate for a 300-word project and a 4000-word project. We have multiple ranges that affect the price.

The prices as of May 21st, 2020:

Max Word Count

Express Project Fee

Project costs will increase for turnaround times before 48 hours. 

The express project multipliers as of May 21st, 2020:

Within 24 - 48 Hours
Within 24 Hours

Certification Prices

We support a wide range of certification types, both in the United States and Canada.

Certification prices as of May 21st, 2020:

Price Per Word
Price Per Page
One-Time Fee
Certificate of Translation
Affidavit of Translation
ATIO/ATA Certification

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Prices may change depending on the rarity of the language, required certificates, turnaround time, etc. Please use our system to get the exact pricing for your project.

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