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You have an immigration matter, or you are getting your driver's licence accredited, or applying to schools; you will need certified translations if you have documents that are not in English or French. For Ontario residents, most institutions often require these documents translated by ATIO certified translators. Whatever you need, the easiest and fastest way is here.

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Pay per Word

Better Service; Better Prices

Pay better to get better service is the ancient understanding of consumers. We are disrupting this understanding by introducing the pay less and get better service understanding. We use technology which helps us minimize the overhead costs; we pay more to our translators and create the best team.

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Why Chose Us

Connect directly to the Translator

No 3rd Persons or Project Manager

Simply put, we are connecting our users with certified translators who are experts in their fields.

Quality Assured

Hand Picked Translators

At CUZ, we only accept the most reliable and professional language services providers to our pool of professionals, so that you have complete peace of mind.

Speed is the Key

4X Faster Turnarounds

Typically, translation companies will tell you when they can complete the required translation assignment. With CUZ, you have the power to choose a deadline, and translators accept the offer accordingly.

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Prices may change depending on the rarity of the language, required certificates, turnaround time, etc. Please use our system to get the exact pricing for your project.

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