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December 11, 2020

The Cuz Translation Partnership Program

Here at Cuz, we’ve been blown away by the support our customers have given us in recommending us to friends and colleagues. That’s why we’ve launched the Cuz Partnership Program, which lets you receive a 5% payment from every transaction you refer to us.

At a Glance

  • Earn 5% commission
  • Your own unique personal referral code
  • Personalized web graphic that encourages repeat traffic to your site
  • Fast, monthly payments*
  • No minimum commission.

<embed/> Your Website

Our web team is on hand to help integrate your referral code into your website - making YOU the first stop in finding world-class translation and interpretation.

We have plenty of options for mobile and desktop, find out more!

Signing Up

To apply for the affiliate program, send us an email at


By signing up with the Cuz Affiliate Program, you must agree not to misrepresent Cuz Translation or it’s affiliated brands. Please view our full Terms and Conditions Here.

* Must have valid PayPal account for payment.