We meet with each and every one of our translators and interpreters face to face and check their credentials.

With our recruitment process, we make sure you only get the best!  Additionally, you will have the freedom to choose the translator or interpreter you want to work with based on their current credentials, you also get to rate our translators after a completed project.This helps keep our service quality as high as possible and also gives you peace of mind when you are working with our translators and interpreters.


In addition to our community events and self-improvement opportunities for all of our local translators and interpreters, we adopt a fair-pay philosophy therefore creating a loyal, hard-working and dedicated community culture.



Privacy is one of the key components that sets CUZ apart from competitors.

Compromising on privacy and data security has become an accepted way of doing things, but it does not have to be this way. Many are unaware of the inherent risks they face when using regular translation agencies.


With CUZ Translation no third-parties are involved with your translation service. Only direct interaction with your translator or interpreter. That is all. Here is how we guarantee your privacy and data security.


  1. Upload your encrypted document
  2. The translator receives a privacy agreement for each project she/he accepts, signs this agreement in order to gain access to the document to be translated.
  3. The signed agreement is emailed to the client for her/his records.


All our translators are vetted by the CUZ team with face to face interviews and are subject to strict professional standards.


Need a quote? Get one instantly by just uploading your documents! No need to speak, negotiate or ask, just use our app for all of your translation or interpreting needs.

When you create a project, the translator or interpreter is notified instantly and they respond to the request within minutes.


What we provide is a uniform experience with our app that runs on all four major platforms: iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows.



Why Cuz? Because we use a proprietary app to provide our services, this keeps our operating costs to a minimum.

We do not need to employ an army of people to manage and distribute projects, our app does it all.This is how we offer a competitive price for our translation and interpretation services.


You choose the timeline, you choose the translator/interpreter and you approve the project. You are in full control.

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